12" Standing Dancing Bear by Esau Kripanik

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Esau Kripanik

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Inuit art: Bear
Inuit Artist: Esau Kripanik
Size: 12" tall, 7" wide, 3.5" deep
Community: Igloolik, NU
Stone: Limestone
id: ndc-178-267566bbjjy

This pleasing composition carved with a lively sense of movement and charming detail shows that Esau Kripanik knows no boundaries when it comes to manifesting his pieces which are fused with the accompaniment of mammal silhouettes.

Esau Kripanik is my favourite artist. His pieces carry such a unique theme to them which is the reason why Kripanik differs greatly in comparison to other artists. He carves with amazing designs and fantastic stone.

Its allure will bring light to any space it is placed in and will undoubtedly enthral your audience.

Kripanik himself is from a very remote Inuit community called Igloolik. Artists in Igloolik have a unique style. They focus on creating sculptures based on realism. The stone typically used is rarely polished and a dry flat finish is preferred by many of the artists.

Kripanik is one of the top Inuit artists in the world and is known for caribou and bear sculptures. This particular bear is personally our favourite as it is the most magnificent we've come upon. 

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