12" Dancing Caribou by Samonie Toonoo

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Samonie Toonoo

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Inuit art: Caribou
Size: 12" tall, 4.5" wide, 3" deep". Weight: 10 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset
Stone: serpentine
Inuit Artist: Samonie Toonoo

This is a gorgeous and unique dancing caribou by world class inuit artist Samonie Toonoo. What strikes me in particular about this piece are the use of the antler bones in combination with the traditional serpentine green stone. These two elements contrast beautifully together and is what caught my eye.

The proportions, lines and finish of the stone is also done to perfection.

Samonie Toonoo (1969 - )

Community: Cape Dorset

Samonie is a son of the graphic artist Sheojuk and the carver Toonoo, and the younger brother of sculptors Oviloo Tunnillie and Jutai Toonoo. Samonie began carving in his early twenties, making realistic depictions of wildlife and figurative subjects; now, he tends towards expressing social issues or images that give sculptural shape to more abstract concepts that we all think about but rarely visualize.*

* Cape Dorset Sculpture, 2005.

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