12" Revolver Nuyalia Tunnillie

Nuyalia Tunnillie

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Inuit art: Revolver
Inuit Artist: Nuyalia Tunnillie
Size: 12" long, 8" high
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: ndc-88-1251642ebey

When the Inuit Art Quarterly's spring edition came out, collectors immediately fell in love with its cover (Jamesie's Pitseolak's famous motorcycles). The abstractness, the boundaries it pushed, and the utilitarian industrial concept it captured was astonishing and mind blowing. It brought Inuit art into this Andy Warhol type dimension never seen before.

Jamesie Pitseolak unknowingly pioneered yet a new generation of Inuit carvers. Life in the North, although very traditional at times, has also adapted very much so to Western society. The inspiration to craft subject matters that are everyday essentials for the Inuit will remain the legacy of Jamesie Pitseolak.

Influenced by Jamasie's amazing craftsmanship, Nuyalia Tunnillie wanted to create a piece that describes the demons he faces everyday, not only for him, but for many Inuit youth today; suicide.

Life in the North can be very harsh. The blistering cold, coupled against the constant darkness with little daylight creates a blanket of depression that is hard to escape. 
So many Inuit artists have ended their lives due to depression. Noo Atisaq is one that comes to mind.

The piece is so different and incredibly unique, but maintains its essential proportions and highly creative visage.

                                PROUDLY CANDIAN SINCE 2008

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