12" Pale Green Walking Bear by Killiktee Killiktee

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Killiktee Killiktee

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Inuit art: Scenting Bear
Inuit Artist:  Killiktee Killiktee
Size: 12" long, 6" high, 5.5" wide. weight: 14.6 lbs.
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine

This is a beautiful walking bear done in a calming and unique pale green stone. It is large in size and would be a centrepiece for any room. What I Love about this bear are its masterful proportions and its exquisite pale green freckled stone. The lightning rids riding over the beautiful warm stone really bring this piece to life. The proportions and shine are absolutely perfect.

Killiktee is a world renowned Inuit artist for his bears and are in great demand. Every time I get one, they seem to go right away.

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