12" Narwhal done in Muskox (Musk Ox) Horn by Brian Kudlak

Brian Kudlak

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Inuit art: Narwhal
Inuit Artist: Brian Kudlak
Size: 12" long (including tusk), 3" wide, 3" tall
Community: Ulukhatok, NU
Material: musk ox horn and black Marble stone
id: caps816000205fejy

Here is another extraordinary iconic sculpture that is somewhat of a rarity. Never have we seen a narwhal done out of a muskox horn. The question needs to be asked - why not? The slenderness of the muskox horn is shaped closely to that of a whale.

In this piece, the artist has synthesized the salient aspects of the muskox horn. The composition is not only charged with meaning, it is aesthetically pleasing as well. The narwhals face is beautifully framed by the brilliant, electric and softly undulating plane of pinkish red muskox horn. It is punctuated by its little beady eyes done in a different stone which contrasts spectacularly against the muskox horn.

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