12" Mother and Child by Angela Iqulik *Bonded*

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Angela Iqulik

$2,840.00 CAD

Inuit art: Mother and Child
Inuit Artist: Angela Iqulik

Size: 12" across, 7" wide, 8.5" tall, 18.8 lbs
Community: Baker Lake, NU
Stone: Local grey stone from Baker Lake
id: ndc-64-212052gfjy

Baker Lake carvings have a certain rudimentary, timeless and minimal style that I adore.

This style was prevalent in the first generation Inuit artists from the 1960 and 70s.

This effect was achieved with hard work and hand tools.

This is a beautiful traditional piece depicting a mother and her child.

It depicts the rugged environment and hard life of the traditional Inuit.

The gorgeous pink and orange hues compliment the dull grey Basalt stone.

If your collection is to have depth and complexity, I would suggest you include a first generation style sculpture.


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