SOLD - 12" Last Dancing Bear by Late Noo Atsiaq (1986-2013)

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Noo Atsiaq

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear
Inuit Artist: Noo Atsiaq
Size: 12" tall, 6" deep, 6" wide, 8 Lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: j-52096225bbej


Recently, it was my great fortune to obtain the LAST remaining NEW Noo Atsiaq bear. Sadly, Noo passed away five years ago.  I had to call in a few favours and use many of my resources to access this historically significant carving for the gallery and my clients.

Noo has had my admiration for many years.  I consider him one of the most successful and talented of the bear carvers.  His Dancing bears, in particular, garner him international attention and accolades.

He had this innate ability to carve his bears so that they seemed to float weightlessly in elegant and graceful poses.  No one could match his smooth rounded contours and attention to detail.  His bears have a simple ease of movement not easily reproducible and for all these reasons, Noo was considered a “Superstar”.

This particular bear is the quintessential Dancing bear.  He is perfection in motion but has been forever captured in a moment of time.  The electrifying deep dark brown stone mimics nature’s coloration.  The dramatic movement of the bear emotes seriousness and yet a playfulness.

Although it would be a major coup for an aficionado of Inuit art to become the steward of this historically significant carving, this endearing bear would win the  heart of most lovers of art and craftsmanship.

NOO ATSIAQ (1985- 2013)

Noo Atsiaq was born in Iqaluit (Frobisher Bay), Nunavut and now lives and carves in Cape Dorset, the capital of Inuit art. His Parents are Alashua Atsiaq and Piulia Pudlalik Atsiaq. Noo has been carving since he was a young kid. He was initially taught by watching other carvers. His favorite subject is bears, dancing, diving and walking. Sculptures by Noo Atsiaq are well known and thought after in the Inuit art collectors world. He also occasionally carved people and caribou.

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