12.5" Woman with Icon by Noah Natakok

Noah Natakok

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Inuit art: Woman with Icon
Inuit Artist: Noah Natakok
Size: 12.5" high, 4" deep, 5" wide. Weight: 15.2 lbs
Community: Naujaat
Stone: Limestone & Ivory
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This is a featured piece in IAQ (Indian Art Quarterly) Spring Edition, 2017. (pg.22 - photo 2).

The stoic etchings and erudite proportions have earned this piece into the archives of Inuit art.

Over the years, my tastes have greatly evolved. I now truly appreciate pieces like this. Pieces that tell a story, depict life of the traditional Eskimo, and are timeless.
This story is that of a Sedna goddess overlooking an Inuit hunter, protecting him from the savagery and brutality of the North and its harsh elements. The hunter is deciding weather his life has come to an end, and his life is in the Mother Sedna's hands. Will he live?

In this enigmatic work, Natakok achieves the spiritedness of the Sedna through delicate balance, crisp lines and an overall fluidity that sparks an electric vibrance from head to toe. This piece is brought into focus with a  dash of panache through the presence of the garish ivory hunter.

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