11" Proud Mother & Calf Orcas Master Carver Derrald Taylor

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Derrald Taylor

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Inuit Art: Mother & Calf Orca (Killer) Whales
Artist: Derrald Taylor
Dimensions: 10.5" high, 9" wide, 8" deep, 4 lbs
Community: Tuktoyaktuk, North West Territories
Stone: Limestone
id: d-8799bdjjy

***Museum Piece

This is one of our absolute favorite pieces in the gallery.

Taylor loves to carve Mothers and their offspring. In this magical sculpture, the Mother is breaching the ocean while the young calf is darting along just in front of his mother. His youthful exuberance is palpable.

How is this calf even attached to the main carving? This type of carving takes years of experience and lots of patience. 

The soft moss green color of the calf engages the darkened green and white of the Mother Orca. The tension between the dramatic Mother and the superactive calf creates energy and movement. I love the movements of these whales because it is intense and dramatic

Taylor has earned himself a spot among the ranks of today’s top master carvers like Ruben Komangapik. His sense of motion, dynamics, and movement are exceptional. They are testament to the talents these master carvers must possess.

Taylor’s pieces have toured worldwide and are in countless publications, Inuit art journals, exhibitions, and museums. This Orca and her calf would be a powerful yet elegant addition to your collection.

See our June 5, 2021 blog Spotlight on Derrald Taylor.





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