11" Pink Apple Green Owl by Pitseolak Qimirpik

Pitseolak Qimirpik

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Inuit art: owl
Inuit Artist: Pits Qimirpik
Size: 11" tall, 6" wide, 8" deep. 12" across (tail to beak). Weight: 18.3 Lbs
Community: Kimmirut
Stone: serpentine 
id: d-92566cfjjy

Simply put, this is a museum quality piece!

This depiction of an owl is superb example of Qimirpik’s artistry at its purest. It is also absolutely delightful in that the pinkish hues overflow throughout the palid apple green stone in quite an unexpected way.

As a collector, you will never see a beautiful owl like this again in this color and size by Pitseolak Qimirpik.

Carved with great skill and refinement, this sculpture brings to mind the work of Nunavut masters Jimmy Iqaluq,  Paul Maliki and Manasie Akapaliapik.

.The embodiment of the etched-in face coalesced into the pressed stone transform this piece from rigid state - to life.

The tenuous embroidery of feathers, atomic proportions, and exquisite beauty, have endeared Qimirpik's owls to be celebrated among the avant garde circles of Inuit art. Solo works and publications by him have been adopted and praised worldwide.

An extremely rare colored and outstanding owl by Canada's most world renowned artists for owls - Pits Qimirpik. Pits Qimirpik has numerous prize winning pieces on an international scale. All of his owls sell for extremely high prices. His works can be found in Canada's national art collection in ottawa.

Pits told me that it is not often he comes across serpentine stone of this color. He will get it sometimes only when he goes to his campsite a couple times a year. This is one of two owls that he ever made in this color. It is very striking to the eye and adds much warmth and brilliance to the room. 

What I can also say about this carving is thats its directly from Pits Qimiripik himself.

This carving is in perfect condition, brand new. No chips, cracks, scratches or any other defects.

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