11" Sparring Narwhal by Derrald Taylor

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Derrald Taylor

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Inuit Art: Narwhal
Artist: Derrald Taylor
Dimensions: 11" long (includes 3" tusk), 7" high
Community: Tuktoyaktuk, NWT 20
Stone: Argelite from Sanikiluaq
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Over the last several years, Derrald Taylor's works have become our absolute favorite pieces in the gallery. The cornerstone feature of this piece is the delicate set of fins on this narwhal.  They are so animated and graceful. These strategically placed fins caught my eye and they are the reason I think this is one of the nicest Narwhals I have seen this year.

This majestic narwhal effortlessly flows from head to tail. The color is a gorgeous black argillite stone with a beautiful camouflage green base.

And look at the detail of the tusk! Taylor has painstakingly carved a scalloped edge on the tusk.  This scalloping is a signature of Derrald's.  He often includes a scallop effect on his carvings especially the limbs of his bears

Taylor has earned himself a spot among the ranks of today's top Master carvers like  Ruben Komangapik. His sense of motion, dynamics, and movement are exceptional and a testament to the talents one must possess to be considered among the greats.

Taylor's pieces have toured worldwide, have been included in countless publications, Inuit art journals, exhibitions, and museums.

See our June 5, 2021 blog Spotlight on Derrald Taylor.

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