NFS** RESERVED 11" Muskox made from 7000 year old Mammoth Tooth by Damien Iquallaq

Damien Iquallaa

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Inuit art: Muskox
Inuit Artist: Damien Iquallaq
Size: 11" long, 7" tall, 4" deep
Community: Cambridge Bay, NU
id: d-9990cjjjy

Recently, the gallery had the great privilege of securing the most exotic Muskox carving that we have ever seen from the extremely talented artist, Damien Iquallaq. As expected, his unique sculpture was immediately claimed by a very appreciative and astute collector.  

As fate would have it, Damien has presented us with another Muskox treasure carved from a 40,000 year old fossilized Mammoth tooth.

The magic of this fossilized substance is its unique linear substrate.  The stone explodes with tangerine, caramel, canary yellows and inky blacks. This creature is mythical and eccentric. Iquallaq does not adhere to any predefined style in fashioning this wild and alien mammal. The observer cannot look away from this piece, try as he might! 

Damien Iquallaq is one of today’s most innovative and exciting carvers.  He is never predictable and always outperforms.

We are proud to see Damien featured in the fall 2018 edition of the Inuit Art Quarterly. His star is rising!

This carving is new and in perfect condition.  It comes with the Igloo Tag of authenticity.


Damien IqualaqToday (October, 2018) Damien Iqualaq is currently the hottest artist on the Inuit art scene. His 4 page feature in the Fall, 2018 issue of the IAQ has sky rocketed his career onto a new stratosphere.

In August, 2018, the IAQ reached out to me. They said they were preparing a full featured article about this hot rising star named Damien Iqualaq. They Loved our images and representation of this amazing artist, and asked our permission to use some of our images in their magazine. We were flattered and accepted.

It was after this moment that I decided I had to meet this young artist, reach out to him, and see if he could offer his pieces on a more exclusive basis. I always Loved his work, and knew that after this article, his work would be extremely difficult to come by.

That moment came in early September, 2018. After speaking with him for over an hour, praising and giving acclaims to his work and recent accomplishments (IAQ), he thought we would be a good team together and was excited to work with us.

In that moment, he sourced a large Mammoth tooth that he said was 40,000 years old from Siberia. He said he would be working on a muskox and would show me first. We were extremely excited!

mammoth tooth Damien IqualaqSept 17th - He just received this precious mammoth tooth. It is very difficult to carve with and does not lend itself well to carving detail.

This is why when carving in the medium, his style changes to more wildly exaggerated spirits and characters as opposed to intrinsic detail.

Sept 26th - Damian is finished with the general shape. The next step is to insert the eyes made from Ivory, and the horns made from Muskox horn.

Damien Iqualaq MuskoxOctober 8th, 2018 - I asked Damien where he got this Mammoth tooth from?

"It is the molar from a prehistoric woolly mammoth, they went extinct about 12000 years ago. They had 4 sets of teeth through their lifetime. This is an actual tooth from an animal. This tooth is from a very large animal weighing about 12 lbs when I first got it. The tooth is found in the Siberian permafrost and it is about 40,000 years old. Because it is starting to fossilized/ turn brown."

How did you find people all the way from Russia to supply you with this prehistoric material?

"I know a guy in Canada where I can buy this stuff but hes just buying and selling, I know some people over in Russia and Siberia where I also buy tooth and ivory but it's an expensive material to work with , also the cost of the chemicals and equipment I use is pretty expensive and also time consuming. But it's my favorite material. The last chunk of ivory I ordered from Russia cost me about 1500usd and after the currency exchange to Russian was about enough for them to buy a new car lol , so they are getting rich selling for usd."

Is it not hard to import this material into Canada?

"Damien Iqualaq Muskox Mammoth ToothNo mammoth is export worldwide. Bones, tusk, teeth all of it is good"

September 30th - Finished Muskox from Mammoth Tooth

Damien Iqualaq Muskok






















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