11" Gorgeous Bear with Teeth by Johnassie Ippak

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Johnassie Ippak

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Inuit art: Bear with teeth    
Inuit Artist: Johnassie Ippak
Size: 11" long, 4.4­­­­" tall,  3" deep, 5.35 lbs
Community: Sanikiluaq, NU
Stone: Argillite (beautiful dark stone)

This magnificent walking bear shows Ippak at his audacious best. His workmanship in the naturalistic portrayal of a bear is excellent, but the truly remarkable aspects of this bear is its concept and its sense of balance.

This is one of the two finest walking bears I have ever seen of this size and class. It is made by Johnassie Ippak who is a very talented and established artist.

Bears with teeth are much more difficult for an artist to do as opposed to ones without. The color and beautiful polish make this bear an exquisite piece to own. These details all allow the carving take off into a higher level of sophistication.

I also love the deep dark green stone. It is of superior quality as Johnassie is one of the best Inuit artists for walking bears.

This carving is new and purchased directly from the artist.

For a bear of this size and gorgeous detail, you will literally not find a better price anywhere. The value is exceptional for the price.

Johnassie Ippak (1968 - )
Community: Sannikiluaq
Born: April 22, 1968
Carving since age of 15. Initially learned carving by watching his father.
Johnassie's source of stone is the main mining place, Qullisajnniavik at the Tukarak Island. 
Johnassie likes to make walking bears, but in the past he has carved seals, birds and people.
Johnassie is very active in carving, he is also a true hunter. He provides country food for his family. Johnassie can make anything a hunter can ever have to survive in the wildlife.

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