11" Inuk Baseball (Arctic Ball) Player

Kooyoo Simigak

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Inuit art: Baseball Player
Inuit Artist: Kooyoo Simigak
Size: 11" tall, 11" across, 3" deep, 8 lbs.
Community: Kimmirut
Stone: Serpentine
id: caps-836019575bdjjy

Note** This is one of the galleries most prized pieces. It is so different from any other piece of Inuit art I have ever seen. This is a piece I acquired in spirit of this years World Series playoffs. Nothing beats Autumn baseball.

This is what we consider a Masterpiece. I simply could not stop thinking about it after seeing it for the first time.

When the Inuit Art Quarterly's Spring edition came out, collectors immediately fell in Love with its cover (Jamesie's Pitseolak's famous motorcycles). The abstractness, the boundaries it pushed, and the utilitarian industrial concept it captured was in my mind, astonishing / mind blowing; and brought Inuit Art into this Andy Warhol type dimension never seen before. This is a much welcome presence for Inuit art to be in, in the 21st century.

Jamesie Pitseolak unknowingly pioneered yet a new generation of Inuit carvers. Life in the North although very traditional at times, has also adapted very much so to Western society. The inspiration to craft subject matters that are everyday essentials for the Inuit will remain the legacy of Jamesie Pitseolak.

Influenced by Jamasie's amazing craftsmanship, Simigate wanted to create something that would show not only how the Inuit live today, but also the influences Western society has on their small communities. Did you know baseball is the second favorite sport after Hockey for the Inuit? In the very short summers they have (mid July to late August); they take off the hockey skates and put on the gloves and take out their bats. They LOVE baseball!

The stoic and opulent dark stone lends itself to the terse lines and flawless symmetry. This howls to the conclusion of a masterpiece with bounteous sashay and audacity. The brilliance of the subject matter is indeed utilitarian, however verges on the abstract of modernism.

The piece is so different and incredibly unique, but maintains its essential proportions and highly creative visage.


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