10" Resting Caribou by Jacob Irkok (1937-2009)

Jacob Irkok

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Inuit art: Resting Caribou, 1995
Inuit Artist:  Jacob Irkok (1937-2009)
Size (not including antlers): 10" across, 8.5" long, 7" high,  5" wide 9 lbs
Community: Arviat
Stone: Serpentine (beautiful black)
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The last available caribou by master carver, one of the Inuit art pioneers, Jacob Irkok from Arviat. Jacob was famous for his caribous, both in stone and bone. Those ones carved out of stone are more rare. This is a museum quality sculpture.

Jacob Irkok (1937-2009)

Date of birth: April 19, 1937
Community: Arviat
E-number: E1271

Jacob Irkok began carving in 1962; he recalls that his first sculpture, carved in antler, depicted a caribou and wolf fighting.* 
*Interview with the artist, August 1989, Ingo Hessel Excerpt courtesy Inuit Art Section, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), 1997.

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