10" 10lbs. Dancing Bear by Anita Issaluk

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Anita Issaluk

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Inuit art: Dancing Bear
Inuit Artist: Anita Issaluk
Size: 10" tall, 6.5" wide, 5" deep. Weight: 10 lbs
Community: Chesterfield Inlet
Stone: limestone
id: caps-821001741-dej

This is a fine example of Issaluk verging on the abstract. Her road towards abstraction is via the streamlining of body and shape, but always keeping in mind the importance of retaining the essential bear-ness of the object; its power, its ferocity, its bulk. When working on a small scale, Issaluk achieves this by exaggerating the bulkiness of the forms. Issaluk has several commissions designated to the museum of Inuit art in Winnipeg.

I was immediately drawn to this piece the first time I set eyes on it. Wow!!! This outrageous exotic stone is from Brazil is nothing I have ever seen in Inuit art. The beautiful orange brown goes hand in hand with the modernistic and minimalist style of world acclaimed inuit artist Anita Issaluk.

Anita's famous bears were commissioned to the Winnipeg National Inuit art Gallery.
This is a sizeable piece, but moreover consists of a strong mass. It weighs 10 lbs.
The movements and the mesmerizing stone really make this a truly original and amazing composition. Inuit artists for obvious reasons work primarily in the more traditional stone medium which is found in the north. These consist of green, dark tones, and sometime apple green. This piece really sets a punctuation mark on its surroundings.

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