16" - 38 Lbs Large Electrifying Drum Dancer by Mathewsie Ashevak

Mathewsie Ashevak

$6,585.00 CAD

Inuit art: Drum Dancer
Inuit Artist: Mathewsie Ashevak
Size: ­­­­16" high, 12" wide, 10" deep, 38 Lbs (Very Large)
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: White marble
id: dfa7484Mdhjjy

** This item is Eligible for Layaway Plan

Museum quality sculpture!

In this sublime setting of electric white marble, Mathewsie Ashevak (the grandson of the late Kenojuak Ashevak) has sculpted this exquisite drum dancer.

His style parallels the Cape Dorset style but he has a personal manner of extraordinary bravado and enthusiast realism, which is rare to find in such a young carver.
Mathewsie’s sculpture is replete with openwork carving and detail.  The drum dancer cannot contain his energy and passionate spirit.
This is a fantastic world class centrepiece for your collection.  
The lines and curves are perfect.  The warm white marble is peaceful and serene.
This drum dancer is so fluid that one expects it to jump and beat the drum at any moment.  The carving is literally suspended animation in stone.  Preserved for eternity.
Our gallery offers Mathewsie Ashevak’s Drum Dancing to our clients with pride and respect for this talented young artist.
This piece is signed on the bottom by Mathewsie and comes with the Igloo Tag of Authenticity.

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