VINTAGE 10" Seagulls & Geese by Jacob Irkok *Cloud Nine*

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Jacob Irkok

$2,480.00 CAD

Inuit art: Seagulls & Geese
Inuit Artist:  Jacob Irkok (1937-2009)
Size: 10" across, 7" high
Community: Arviat NU 4/24
Medium: Caribou Bone
id: W-9978agejy

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Masterpiece Carving! Marvelous Motion!

Cloud Nine features two regal Canada geese resplendent with their long black necks and white "necklace" and two feisty seagulls.

The gulls are determined to keep up with the geese who are so much larger and probably faster.

Jacob loved to carve caribou.

He successfully transferred his devotion to his trade to this proud flock of stunning birds.

I can feel the air move around them as they fly by me.

The cawing and the honking echo for what seems like minutes even after they have disappeared into the horizon.


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