32" Norse/Inuit Ancient Figurehead Jonasie Faber

Jonasie Faber

$186,880.00 CAD

Inuit art: Sedna Transformation
Inuit Artist: Jonasie Faber, Greenland
Size: 32" across, 28" deep, 25" high, 425 lbs
id: caps-866000687

                                         RARE MASTERPIECE CARVING 

                                                    MUSEUM CALIBRE

NOTE**  PART OF OUR GENTLE GIANT COLLECTION                                                                                                                                                                                         We have waited a year for this moment to arrive We are delighted to introduce you to Saga. She is Jonasie Faber’s Norse-inspired sculpture.

Saga is the gem of our exclusive collection of Gentle Giants. (Very Large Sculptures)
She is also one of the last of our Giant sculptures.

Without a doubt, Saga is a very unusual Inuit carving.

She is Faber’s Mona Lisa.

When we began our search for Very Large sculptures to exhibit in our Gentle Giant Collection, we knew each piece must be magnificent.
We have had five extraordinarily beautiful sculptures in the collection.

The response to the Giants has been wonderfully overwhelming.

Within a few weeks of posting the carvings, only two of them remain.

I can only assume from this response, that when it involves Inuit carvings, people are hungry for change.

They want something new. Bold and rare and beautiful. They want to be awed.

Saga delivers on all these desires.

She is a sculpture so rare in her subject and so beautiful in her execution, that she has the power to transform any of your pre-existing notions about Inuit art and open your eyes to new attitudes and ideas.

Jonasie Faber (b1944) is an Inuit carver from Greenland with a passion for history, Vikings, and his Inuit ancestry.

My suspicion is that Saga is a tribute to the ancient Norse and Inuit people from which he descends.

These two cultures met in savage battles in Iceland in the 13th century.

The Thules came from behind as the underdogs and conquered the infamous Vikings and drove them off the Island. This unexpected victory of the Thules over the Vikings ensured the ultimate evolution of the Thule to become the modern-day Inuit.

This is a monumental event in the history of the Inuit people.

I believe Saga is a Nordic beauty, with her long blonde braid, her regal stance, and chiseled features. She has grace and dignity.

She has the posture of a figurehead on the bow of a Norse boat. She wears a plain off-the-shoulder dress and keeps her hands demurely folded. She is accompanied by her feline companion as she safeguards her wards in the boat.

Faber’s fascination with Norse history has resulted in the creation of a rare Inuit sculpture that honors a watermark event in Inuit history.

Saga is a Masterpiece that most collectors will see only once in their lifetime.

Her investment value is extraordinarily high.
Let me explain.

In 2006, Waddington’s Auction House sold a Joe Talirunili Migration Boat for $200,000.
In the past two years, two more Talirunili boats have realized $360,000 and $409,000.

What Saga and the Migration boats have in common is that they are sculptures that are esthetically magnificent and also are markers of significant events in Inuit history.
They have captured the attention and the hearts of educated art enthusiasts.

You will never regret investing in the great Inuit carvers like Talirunili, Faber, Reuben, and Nuna Parr, for example.

But, be warned!
When you venture into this arena of very large, rare and beautiful Masterpieces....

You will have reached a higher level of art appreciation and a desire for more of these magnificent pieces from which there is...no return.

See our January 24, 2020 blog Meet are Gentle Giants.

*Shipping cost TBD (estimated $3000-5000 USA We will help with arrangements.


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