14" Swimming Walrus by Emataluk Saggiak

Emataluk Saggiak

$2,840.00 CAD

Inuit art: Walrus  
Inuit Artist: Emataluk Saggiak
Size: 14" across, 3" high, 6" wide
Community: Caper Dorset, NU
id: dfa-7910M

Saggiak's treatment of the sparkling white marble stone is brilliant. The sculptural forms undulate softly, and the play of light, refection and shadow is almost magical. This sculpture ranks as one of Saggiak's most delightful works of art.

The sense of atomic proportions, roundness and rhythmic posture is palpable. The overall effect is utterly charming.

The finish on this spectacular walrus is like stars reflecting off of snow. The cream color of stone is very different from any other stone I have ever seen. It has a creamy finish to it that really make this a special piece.


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