14" Arctic Char Fish by Master Jaco Ishulutaq

Jaco Ishulutak

$3,320.00 CAD $3,890.00 CAD

Inuit Art: Arctic Char Fish
Artist: Jaco Ishulutaq
Dimensions: 14" Across (12" Horizontal), 9" high, 7" deep. Weight: 18 lbs
Community: Pangirtung, NU
Stone: Chlorite Black Stone
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** This item is Eligible for Layaway Plan

***Museum Piece

Jaco has crafted this majestic walrus King to perfection!

The gorgeous Baleen whale bone symbolizes the ancient Arctic sea. The bone is porous and deeply textured. Resting on a floe of limestone “ice” this mammoth sea mammal is poised and powerful. His strength flows through his ungainly muscular body and out through his formidable tusks. These tusks are his weapon. With them, he inflicts death onto his prey.

The movements of this piece are formidable!

I have seen many memorable walrus carvings over the years but Jaco always adds a unique perspective to his sculptures. He is a modernist with a touch of minimalism.

The posture, movement and stone make this carving a Masterpiece.

Jaco Ishulutak has had many prestigious commissions. He is a premier elite master carver sharing this honour with Paul Maliki, Manasie Akpaliapik and Abraham Ruben.

This is your opportunity to own a masterpiece by one of the top five Inuit artists in the world.

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