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Paul Bruneau

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Art: Inukshuk
Artist: Paul Bruneau
Size: 8" tall, 9" wide, 3" deep
Community: Timmins, ON
Stone: Serpentine
id: d-2101fjjy

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Note** Paul Bruneau is an Ojibway native and  a member of the Mattagami First Nations Reserve. 


After 2 years, Paul Bruneau has returned to the art scene.

He brings with him some of the most incredible Inukshuks that you will ever see.

For those who do not know, Paul Bruneau is the VERY BEST carver of Inukshuks.

The colours pop, the movement is limitless and the style is modern and suave.

One more "a picture is worth a thousand words" moment.

I am enthralled with how the jewel tone greens, grays and creams ebb and flow through this magnificent Inukshuk.

Can't you see this piece on your kitchen island, or your coffee table or next to you on your bedside table where you see it first thing every morning?

Every Bruneau Inukshuk is rich and velvety.

The stones drip with jewel tone luxury.

My clients adore Paul's Inukshuks.

I have never seen Inuit Inukshuks as cosmopolitan and modern as these. 

What a stunning gift this sculpture would be.


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