7" Smile Joseph Suqslaq Gjoa Haven

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Joseph Suqslaq

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Inuit art: Bear
Inuit Artist: Joseph Suqslaq
Size: 7.5" across, 4" tall, 4" deep
Community: Gjoa Haven, NU
Stone: Fieldstone
id: c-168

Joseph loves to carve Polar bears.

His bears are carved with the Realism style.  Even the smallest of the bears are so perfect they look like a large bear that has been shrunk.

Joseph uses a white sandstone with grey overtones which give the bear a soft, furry look.

But make no mistake.  This is no Teddy bear.  These animals must endure the cold and rugged surroundings of the Canadian Far North.

This particular Polar Bear is blissfully resting on the ice.  It has been a long swim in the fridgid water of the Arctic ocean.

The frontal view of this piece is delightful! 

The bear's countenance is so peaceful.

He is truly living in the moment.

This is a joyful and meticulously carved sculpture that is capable of transporting you to a different "world" even for just a few seconds.

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