7" Hawk Transformation with Two Heads by Toonoo Sharky

Toonoo Sharky

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Inuit art: Hawk Transformation with Two Heads
Inuit Artist: Toonoo Sharky
Size: 7" high, 5" wide, 3.5" wide, 4  lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: j-67252bjjjy

It has been more than three years since we have seen an outstanding Hawk Transformation by world famous Toonoo Sharky like this one.

To be honest, this is my absolute favorite piece in the gallery. The reason why is because it effortlessly flows from head to tail. The color is a gorgeous dark stone with beautiful inlaid eyes. 

I love the movements of this transformation as it is very alive and full of life. The gorgeous eyes create this dramatic contrast that adds brilliance to the piece.

It is made out of dark serpentine stone. The carving is completely perfect! This stunning sculpture comes with an Igloo Tag (Certified of Authenticity) and also signed on the bottom by the artist.


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