20" Whale by Anu Arlooktoo

Anu Arlooktoo

$2,970.00 CAD

Inuit Art: Whale
Artist: Anu Arlooktoo
Dimensions: 20" long, 9" high, 9" wide, 43 lbs
Community: Kimmirut, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: caps-836020164ahjjy

***Museum piece

Canadians have an enduring love for the Beluga whale.

Belugas are one of the most recognizable and popular whales because of their “white” skin, large bulging forehead and ‘smiling’ upturned mouth. They live primarily in areas with Arctic sea ice. Two thirds of the world’s population of belugas summer in Canada. Unfortunately, the St. Lawrence River population has suffered increasing death and severe injury because they must share their habitat with large ocean going freighters.

Mosesses lives in the isolated community of Kimminut where whale hunting is a necessity in order for the isolated Inuit community to survive. His love for this mammal is obvious.

There is no denying the technical mastery of this piece. The work sends a poignant but simplistic message. We need to take steps to prevent the extinction of this noble beast.

This beluga emotes raw emotion. It is typical of the emotive sculptures carved by the Kimmirut artists.

This masterpiece carving would appeal to most Inuit art enthusiasts but in particular the environmentalist in your life would cherish this piece.

The carving comes with the Igloo Tag of Authenticity and is signed by the artist.

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