19" Muskox by Master Jaco Ishulutaq

Jaco Ishulutak

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Inuit Art: Muskox
Artist: Jaco Ishulutaq
Dimensions: 19" across (17" horizontal), 12" tall, 9" deep, Weight: 28 lbs
Community: Pangirtung, NU
id: ndc-178-178659ecjjyred

***Museum Piece - My heart skipped a beat when seeing this for the first time.

Provenance: We have recently come to learn that Jaco (another pioneering artist) has recently been rushed to the hospital in Ottawa due to undisclosed illness. The mood of the conversation I had with the CO-OP manager is that it does not look very promising. There is a strong likelihood these may be some of the last masterpieces by one of the greats out of Pangirtung.

This liberating and timid creature is one of earth's most graceful subjects. The visual interest in this creation starts with its intricate antlers. This makes for an in depth Savoir faire with its poignant and masterful dark stone.

Like all of Jaco's creations, this muskox doesn’t adhere to a predefined style. It is one of a kind which is why Jaco is one of today's premier master carvers.

This is my absolute favorite piece in the gallery. The reason why is because it effortlessly flows from head to tail. The color is a gorgeous dark stone with beautiful veins glazed throughout. It is a sizeable piece, thus making it visible in any room. I love the movements of this muskox as it is very intense and life like. 

Jaco has earned himself in the ranks as among one of the top five master carvers of this generation. His sense of motion, dynamics and movement are exceptional and a testament to the talents one must posses to be considered among the greats.

Jaco's pieces have toured world wide, have been included in countless publications, Inuit art journals, exhibitions and museums.

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