14" 10 lbs Electric White Marble Walking Bear by Ottokie Aningmiuq

Ottokie Aningmiuq

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Inuit art: Walking Bear     
Inuit Artist: Ottokie Aningmiuq
Size: 14" long, 5" tall, 4" deep. Weight: 10 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Marble
id: ndc-190-1266310acjjy

First and foremost, I love white bears!

Especially when the stone is that glorious warm velvety white marble that glows in the light (like this one).

This bear has all the features of a perfect carving.  The stone is pristine and flawless, it has a soft satin finish and the colour is the perfect off white.

When I saw this piece I didn’t hesitate for a second. Its allure is unmistakeable. I know that I have clients who will see this piece and instantly claim it for their collection.

This Ottokie Aningmiuq bear would be spectacular as the centrepiece in a winter holiday property.

It comes with the Igloo Tag of Authenticity and is signed on the bottom by the artist.ag.

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