12" Stunning Orange Brown Walking Bear by Pauloosie Tunnillie *Orange Pekoe*

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Pauloosie Tunnillie

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Inuit art: Walking Bear     
Inuit Artist: Pauloosie Tunnillie
Size: 12" long, 4" tall, 4" deep. Weight: 7 lbs
Community: Cape Dorset, NU
Stone: Serpentine
id: dfa-7159Mbjjjy

Masterpiece Carving! Magnificent Colour!

Are you thunderstruck with the colour of this Tunnillie Walking bear?

The warmth that radiates from this colour is hard to describe.

This stone is perhaps the nicest colour I have seen this year and as you can see from the gallery, we have many, many beautiful colours and patterns in the carvings.

AND, this bear's face is amazing.  It looks fierce but friendly.

Is that a slight smile on his face?

Every muscle of Orange Pekoe's body is taut and strong.  This bear is an Olympic athlete.  

This carving is well....perfect!

My clients will immediately recognize the magic of Pauloosie Tunnillie’s talent.

You will be smitten by the splendour of Orange Pekoe.

This carving would be breathtaking in a winter holiday property.


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