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I recently did an appraisal for a client. His intent was to eventually sell the appraised piece. In doing so, he had little knowledge on how to maximize the return on his newly appraised piece.

This is when I realized, that my professional photography skills could be a huge asset to him. Hence, for a nominal fee. I offered to take professional quality photos of his appraised piece. He agreed and in doing so, this is what we achieved:



It took about two weeks for our client to not only sell his appraised piece, but they received 20% more than the value it was appraised for.

It is no secret that positioning and promotion are key elements to selling. This holds true for real estate, vacation resorts, retail goods and life in general. Afterall, appearances matter.

When you have an enigmatic high quality photo like the one above, there is little doubt that you will achieve the value you expect for your piece. Moreover, many clients will simply want a gorgeous photo to compliment their collection.

If you would like professional quality photos of your cherished Inuit art work, contact us and we will tell you how to proceed. Our fee for each photo set is $200 plus shipping. You will be required to send us your piece. We offer an additional 40% off if you package this with our appraisal services.

For further information, please review our appraisal section, or contact us as 1 800 457-8110.

We will review with you on how to proceed with the full appraisal and photography of your cherished art work.


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